Lineage 2 Best


On our server we try to offer you the best experience possible. And thats why we try to bring some of the most used features to the community board. Like:

Character Settings: System where you can turn on/off some features
Item Broker: A system where you can browser all the vendor/buy shops from one place
Auction House: Here you can sell your stuff without setting a shop in town.
Warehouse: Deposit and Withdraw items directly from the community board.
Symbols: Add or Delete your dyes.
Blacksmith: Add or Remove Augment from gear.
Class: Change your class directly from our community board.

Sub Class: Add, change or cancel your subclasses, take certification and/or pomander skills for your healler classes.
Dress Me: Change (Visual Only) your appearance from your character. From Gear, Suits, Cloaks, Agathions and Enchant Effects!
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